When They See Us

Published: Feb. 3

Rating: 5 Govs

“‘When They See Us’ exposes a justice system meant to protect and serve each other rather than the people who need it, and it emphasizes the universal aspect of this tragedy, as similar instances of profiling and violence continue to this day.”

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Published: Sep. 2

Rating: 5 Govs

“‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ has always been an amazing show, even before this social media renaissance. It is the closest thing out there to a perfect television series. It is not amazing for a cartoon or a kids’ show—it is amazing for the world it created, the characters it brought to life and the story that will live on for decades.”

BoJack Horseman

Published: Feb. 17

Rating: 5 Govs

“‘BoJack Horseman’ is about the choices we make in life and how it ultimately defines us. It is a show that puts an emphasis on consequences. BoJack Horseman tackles issues regarding social justice, pop culture and how just because some things are perceived as legal or normal does not inherently mean they are ethical.”

Steven Universe

Published: April 7

Rating: 5 Govs

“If you are looking for a series that is funny, well-written, gorgeously animated and is not afraid to shy away from topics that cartoons would sweep under the rug years prior, this is a great cartoon series that will make you feel like family.”

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Published: Nov. 10

Rating: 4 Govs

“To put it plainly, ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ is the start of making satire great again.”

Hazbin Hotel

Published: Nov. 4

Rating: 4 Govs

“I believe ‘Hazbin Hotel’ should be appreciated for its accomplishment in setting a new standard for independent animation and projects as a whole.”


Published: Aug. 26

Rating: 3.5 Govs

“There is no debate about whether or not ‘Hamilton’ is amazing. It is absolutely a game-changer in both Broadway’s line-up and its accessibility to a wider audience. But it is ultimately a relic of a different time.”

Coastal Elites

Published: Sep. 23

Rating: 3.5 Govs

“‘Coastal Elites’ will serve as an interesting time capsule years down the line. It could serve as a useful perspective for either people who were too young to fully comprehend the implications of this year or people who will have repressed this year faster than they did after 2016.”


Published: Oct. 21

Rating: 2.5 Govs

“‘No matter how entertaining ‘Ratched’ may be, it cannot compensate for substantive storytelling. I do not know for certain if Ryan Murphy will revise these issues in the second season, but the option to pull the plug remains until further notice.”

Tiger King

Published: May 1

Rating: 2 Govs

“I would not necessarily say ‘Tiger King’ has no substance whatsoever. It is ultimately a character study of people like Exotic and Baskin, but in some ways, it also offers insight as to why people within exotic animal communities strive for relevance to the point of indecency.”


Published: Jan. 20

Rating: 1 Gov

Tagline: . . . And this is why I am a dog person. 

Mulan (2020)

Published: Sep. 9

Rating: 0 Govs

“This live-action retelling of ‘Mulan’ is bereft of any cinematic value. It is too flaccid and forgettable to be remembered as the worst Disney live-action remake of all time. It does not need to exist to remind you that a live-action film is not automatically more mature than an animated film. It hardly deserves to be recognized as a piece of film history.”