On March 13, 2024, Austin Peay State University instructor Stephanie Bilderback presented a talk on the social media platform Snapchat and how it could be utilized in the workforce. Photo by Ryan Seltz. | THE ALL STATE

On March 13, 2024, the Office of Student Research & Innovation (OSRI) hosted a discussion on “All Things Snapchat.” The event was led by instructor Stephanie Bilderback, who shared her perspective on the popular social media platform and its place in the workforce, with the project covering the collaborative effort between her and Austin Peay State University students.

This event would be one of the many discussions held by the Office of Student Research & Innovation to promote its mission of connecting students with opportunities to conduct research and creative activity at Austin Peay State University.

As the series progressed, Bilderback, an instructor in management and marketing at the College of Business at APSU, would be given the opportunity to present her perspective on Snapchat leading up to her trip to Florida to present her research.

According to the OSRI the event was a success, with an impressive turnout, and was the most attended event in OSRI’s talk series so far. This success highlights the significance of providing research opportunities to students, enabling them to turn their curiosity into meaningful actions, connecting students and professors to see what all the faculty does outside of the classroom, and equipping them with a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

When asked about what including students meant to her, Bilderback said “It’s exciting, because then they’re going to go into master’s programs, or go into the industry after undergrad, if they don’t go to a master’s program, and they’re going to end up having a publication under their belt from a journal…”

If you would like to follow Bilderback’s research, you can visit the link here: Stephanie Bilderback (apsu.edu) If you would like to participate in Austin Peay State University research and connect with you can visit the link here: Faculty Mentors (apsu.edu)