Participants gather to paint creative designs and positive affirmations on mirrors provided at a GPC event Wednesday, March 27. Photo by Anabelle Coker | THE ALL STATE.

Last Wednesday evening, Austin Peay State University’s Govs Programming Council held an event called Some-Body To Love in celebration of Women’s Empowerment Month.

The event encouraged students to celebrate self-empowerment with a night of free food, refreshments and mirror painting, featuring a special guest speaker— Miss Queen City, Lauren Berg.  

At the opening of the event, Miss Queen City shared her personal experience and unique perspective on the topic of self-love and body confidence.

“The pageant world has definitely helped me with my body confidence but it’s mostly the women around me,” said Miss Queen City

While it is a common habit for most to dismiss compliments that are thrown their way, Miss Queen City shared that an important part of your self-love and body positivity journey is learning to accept these compliments given out of kindness.

“Believing them when they say it is really the difference. You can hear ‘You’re beautiful,’ ‘You’re stunning,’ ‘You’re gorgeous’ a million times, but until you take that in and you believe it, it’s not really going to start to help your self-confidence and your body positivity.”

As something that has helped her as well, she encouraged those participating in mirror painting to write positive affirmations for themselves on their mirrors—a way to associate themselves with love and positivity each time they look into the mirror.

Closing her speech, she left the audience with a statement for them to “reflect” on as they began their creative mirror project.

“I think each and every one of you are beautiful,” said Miss Queen City.

Mirrors painted with messages of positivity by participants of the Some-Body To Love event. Photo by Anabelle Coker | THE ALL STATE.