“You gotta hold on” (for more album releases)

It’s not April yet, but it’s close enough for me, so let’s talk album releases. The Alabama Shakes are finally releasing more music. It’s been almost three years since the confident and boisterous “Boys & Girls” was released, and after a relatively quiet 2014, the Shakes are back in full swing to bring us more of […]

No immediate danger to campus following Last Monday’s shooting, says police

The question, “Why wasn’t an alert text sent out?” was asked by many students and parents concerning the shooting almost two blocks from campus last Monday, March 23. APSU Chief of Police Michael Kasitz summed up the answer: There wasn’t an immediate threat. According to Kasitz, two things are looked at when APSU Police talk […]

SGA elections continue; resolutions passed

The Student Government Association is holding elections for its Executive Council this week beginning Monday, March 30. Chief Justice Will Roberts is running unopposed for the presidential seat. The candidates for vice president include Sen. Gary Brewer, Sen. Tabitha Montague and Sen. Ankit Patel. The Executive Secretary candidates include Tribunal Justice Baylee Farrar and Sen. […]

“The Witch’s House”: RPG Maker horror game

Freeware computer game “The Witch’s House” is as an understated, deceptive and — above all — surprising horror survival game. I first encountered this game during the Snowpocalypse last month when a fellow horror-genre enthusiast friend showed me YouTuber Cryaotic “Cry”’s five-part playthrough of the game. I was first distracted by Cry’s unusual voice, but shortly after […]

Morality is not reliant on religion

There are those who believe morality comes only from the divine or as a result of religious teachings, but this is not true. The rules of behavior for each person come from what they have been raised to believe by their caregivers and their experiences in society. While some are raised to obey religious laws […]

‘Thin Skin’ highlights self-esteem

Senior art major Karla Tucker exhibited her work in a senior project showcase “Thin Skin” from Monday, March 16, to Thursday, March 19, at the Trahern Gallery 108. The series implemented a collection of wax-encased photographs. The closing reception was held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 19, and was free to the public. Amy […]