A day in the life of a sixth year senior

>> Katherine McCully, Guest Writer You know what’s weird? When your friends start having babies on purpose. Like they planned it out and registered at Target and stuff. It’s also strange when you start working with people who were born in the year when you had to learn to tie your shoes before you could start first […]

Dogs on Deployment gives temporary home to military pets

>>Elena Spradlin, Staff Writer Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit organization that connects active-duty military members to volunteers willing to foster their pets while their owners are called away for duty or other military commitments. The organization was created in 2011 after military couple Shawn and Alisa Johnson were forced to find a place for their […]

What’s your “full college experience?”

>>Johnathan Bunton, Guest Writer The term “full college experience” is thrown around as much as a Kardashian sister as by underclassmen everywhere. It seems, at its core, a fairly self-explanatory phrase, one that brings to mind late nights, football games and dorm life. But at its heart, what does the “full college experience” really mean? Much like […]

Let’s just say … You have a crush

The business of giving advice is tricky. The adviser must have had enough trials and tribulations to be jaded, but also enough victories to be hopeful. Let’s say I’m a pro. Let’s say you just started college. Let’s say you have a crush. “What exactly is a crush?” you may ask. How do I know if […]

What the kale: Are health trends actually beneficial?

Get lots of sleep. Drink plenty of water. Take a multivitamin. Eat your protein. These basic health principals were drilled into me by my mom, and I know for a fact she still recites them to her students and actors at Bethel University. Maybe it was when the food pyramid was revamped or when Morgan […]

Decorating your dorm room, or any room, on a college budget

Welcome to the blog about everything. This blog will cover a variety of topics written by a variety of bloggers. >>By Crysta Crum, Guest Blogger What’s the major difference between a dorm room and a jail cell? It’s only what the walls look like and the adjustments you’re allowed to make. With all the other expenses […]