We have all had a bad bathroom experience. Usually, the smell is what comes to mind first. From standing outside the door you can tell whether this is going to be a good experience or not. That is, if you even decide to walk inside. If you want to give your nose an experience, then I recommend going to Harned Halls second floor women’s bathroom. Along with the not so pleasant smell, you will be greeted by the leaky sinks, wet countertops and dim lighting. Not to mention the old blue walls and outdated look.

With approximately 200 bathrooms in academic, office, and athletic buildings finding the best one would be a difficult task. I narrowed it down to a couple of things along with the general opinions of about 50 students. First off, is the initial look. Does it look outdated or heavily worn? How’s the lighting? How many stalls are there? Are the sinks leaking? Is there a good mirror? Last, the smell. Is it neutral? Amazing? Or, just plain bad? Taking all of this into consideration, I give you Austin Peay’s top 5 bathrooms.

No. 5 Music/Mass Communication first floor

Starting off, is the MMCs 1st floor women’s bathroom. Located at the main entrance you walk into a small but spacious area. Clean walls, floor, and sink area. Maybe, it’s especially clean because of the super bright lighting so they have to keep up on it more regularly. This also appears to be a less foot trafficked bathroom as the MMC is a bit off the beaten path. I highly recommend the walk if you are looking for a good place to go.

No. 4 Morgan University Center third floor

I’ve been told by several students that the MUCs 3rd floor bathroom is where to go. Although the building is centrally located, the top floor bathroom feels like a hidden gem. Its large area and full-length mirror compensate for the dimmer lighting.

No. 3 Maynard Math and Computer Science Building second floor

Although there are twists and turns to get here, the journey is worth it. Clean, bright and more updated than most is the women’s bathroom in the Maynard building. While there are only three stalls and two sinks, this smaller bathroom is a big surprise because of its comparison to most APSU bathrooms.

No. 2 Morgan University Center first floor

When you first come into this bathroom the temperature will probably hit you first. It is warm. Very warm. However, the cleanliness is something to admire along with the minimal foot traffic. I think something about it being on the bottom floor of one of the most popular buildings gives it the secret/exclusive factor. Full-length mirror, plenty of stalls and no chance of getting cold are all the reasons to admire this bathroom.

No. 1 Art and Design second floor

I cannot begin to describe the sigh of relief when I finally found this bathroom. It’s spacious, clean, bright, updated, and beautiful if a bathroom could be described as such. It’s also one of the newest bathrooms on campus since the building opened in 2017. The large privacy window allows for plenty of soft light to enter without the heat of direct sunlight. There also is an updated tile design that starts from the floor to about mid ceiling, making it an art piece itself. This is ‘THE’ spot to go. With the secret out, hopefully it doesn’t become too crowded.