Transferring to a new university can be a blind leap of faith for students of any status.

Julianna Hensley, a freshman majoring in Health and Human Performances, took this leap of faith entering the 2019 spring semester, transferring from the University of Tennessee at Martin to APSU. Hensley graduated from Clarksville Northeast High School in May of 2018 and decided to further her education at the UTM.

This decision left her with a two-hour drive between her and her family who reside in Clarksville. By the end of her first semester, Hensley decided it was time to come home and began her journey in the transfer process. Hensley had several reasons to transfer to APSU.

Watch our interview with Julianna below.

“I really missed my family and my friends here in Clarksville,” Hensley said. “It just got really expensive being at UTM, so I wanted to transfer back and make it a little easier on my family.”

Hensley recalled how helpful both the school she was transferring from and APSU were at the beginning of her transition, with important things such as financial aid, registering for classes and making sure she got her course credits transferred over in time for the spring semester.

APSU’s staff and departments were able to offer their help and actively assist Hensley, giving her a sense of relief as she spent some time stressing and concerned about getting the transfer process done.

“I was so afraid to actually do the whole process of transferring. I didn’t feel like I was going to get it done fast enough,” Hensley said. “I felt like I was going to have to take a semester off.”

Thankfully she was able to complete the process just in time to join her peers on campus. While the transfer process can be confusing and stressful, Hensley encourages other students who feel out of place, or who just simply want to transfer,  to be bold and take that similar leap of faith that she did.

“Don’t be afraid to do it,” Hensley said. “If you are unhappy where you’re at definitely do it.”

Alongside with Hensley’s supportive words, APSU also offers its support for transfer students through the Adult, Nontraditional and Transfer Students Center, or ANTS, whose purpose is to ease students into the campus life and provide a place for them to relax and socialize.

If you need assistance or wish to learn more, visit the ANTS Center in the Morgan University Center Room 112.