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Sculpting time for creativity

With a diverse campus and students venturing into different career paths, it is never easy to understand what others go through with course requirements and time consumption. Some students can go through an easy day of classes due to fewer requirements for their major while others are overloaded with course ...

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Essayist David Bradley speaks on campus diversity support

David Henry Bradley Jr., an award-winning novelist and essayist, visited APSU on March 21 to speak at the Asanbe Diversity Symposium to address the hard-hitting question, “Is Diversity Still Supported?” The symposium is put on each year by the APSU Department of Languages and Literature in memory of the first ...

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FMLA empowers women through camaraderie

FMLA President, Alyssa Collier is no stranger to the “fire” that comes from attending a conference meant to empower women. “Last year was my very first trip to the [National Young Feminist Leadership Conference]. I felt so empowered after, as soon as I got home I asked to be the ...

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GSA holds exhibit and forum on LGBTQ+ issues and progress

In 1978, a small group of Austin Peay students had the idea to implement an organization that would give the LGBT community a safe space to meet. After following all procedures and getting a faculty member, Glenn Carter who was a sociology professor at APSU, to oversee the organization they ...

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Sigma Kappa writing next diverse chapter

Sigma Kappa is the first sorority to implement a Diversity and Inclusion Chairman as a new position on APSU’s campus. The sorority is a Panhellenic chapter that was first founded in November of 1874 at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, and just recently founded locally at APSU in November of ...

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Creating a safe haven for the LGBT+ community

Jaden Donovan, Vice President of APSU’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance, recalls the moment he and a few other GSA members heard derogatory terms shouted at them. They were on campus raising awareness for the annual Day of Silence, a day that shines a light on those in the LGBTQ+ community ...

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