Everyone deserves a space where they feel comfortable on campus. It is vitally important that when a student comes to APSU that they are given the opportunity to find a place where they not only can find others like them but are also offered a space where they can study and relax. 

That is the mission of the Adult, Nontraditional & Transfer Students center, better known as the ANTS center. Located in MUC 112, the ANTS center serves as a place to encourage student success and comfort by offering a number of resources. 

While the ANTS center’s focus is those that fall under the category of “nontraditional” student, the center is open to all students and offers a computer lab, a study area, a refrigerator, lounging space and free-flowing coffee. There are also programs through the ANTS center geared towards transfer and nontraditional students. 

So what makes a student nontraditional? The term “nontraditional student” is so broad that there are many students that would constitute as a nontraditional student. Typically nontraditional students are usually 24 and older, those who work full-time jobs or are supporting a family. Transfer and dual enrollment students on campus who would also fall under this umbrella. There is a number of other things that could constitute a non-traditional student, but those are the most common factors that would make someone a “nontraditional student.” 

For sophomore Drew Burnett, being a non-traditional student meant being a full-time student as well as a full time dad.


“Austin Peay in general has helped me out a lot. The ANTS center has some events where on a couple Saturdays they will watch your children for free. This way you get time to yourself or clean the house and stuff like that,” Burnett said. “Because Austin Peay has such a large population of nontraditional students they are great at providing for them.” 

Sophomore Tiana Nance has been taking advantage of the ANTS center since she started attending APSU as a high school student.

Even though she is no longer considered a “nontraditional student” she still frequently visits the center.

“It has a quiet lab but [the lounge] is really social and it’s usually a safe area, very positive.” 

“I think it’s really welcoming here, you can get help from anyone here and it gives a really nice accent to the campus. The nontraditional students are really nice and understanding, there’s always someone to talk to,” Nance said.

The ANTS center’s goal is to create a space that celebrates these nontraditional students while also accepting all students to the center and their events.

There are several events hosted by the ANTS center taking place with semester including “The Slice of Austin Peay” event which takes place on Sept. 19 in MUC 310, and the “Commuter Coffee Breakfast” which takes place Sept. 21 in MUC 112.

Check out PeayLink here for more details about these and other events hosted by the ANTS center.