Due to the unexpected power outages in the Sundquist Building and Archwood, both buildings have been vacated until further notice.

Campus Police have secured Sundquist.

President White sent an apology earlier today to faculty and staff about the delays.

“I’m really sorry for the inconvenience at this critical time in the semester, and hope that you can find a warm place with power to finish grading or the other work you’ve got on your plate right now,” White said.

She also assured faculty and staff that the campus would be alerted as soon as the buildings were functional again.

Faculty were told to remove their essential belongings and leave the area.

No information has been given yet as to where they would be moving on campus.

Head of Public Relations, Bill Persinger said, “Our electricians and a contractor are on site trying to pinpoint the source of the problem. We are assessing any changes that may be needed if we cannot resolve this over the weekend.”

There has been no information so far on where exams are to be held if the buildings are not operational by Monday.