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Discussing the possibility of a LGBTQ+ Center at APSU

The SGA unanimously passed a resolution to send a formal letter of recommendation to the Vice President of Student Affairs for the creation of an LGBTQ+ Cultural Center. Prior to voting on the legislation, Senator Bill Cody, one of the sponsors and creators of this resolution, spoke to his fellow ...

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The Wall Street Journal and College of Business team up

A campus-wide partnership has gone live between APSU and “The Wall Street Journal”. “The Wall Street Journal” now provides complimentary membership for all students, faculty, and staff. It is accessible by visiting WSJ.com/APSU, courtesy of the College of Business. “The Wall Street Journal” is a global news organization that provides ...

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Senate candidate, former Gov. Phil Bredesen visits APSU

Students were pleasantly surprised when Tennessee’s Democratic Senate candidate and former Gov. Phil Bredesen made a visit to APSU. The College Democrats sponsored a meet and greet with Bredesen which occurred in MUC 305 on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Bredesen’s appearance follows his year-long campaign from his Dec. 6, 2017 announcement ...

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Adult, Non-Traditional and Transfer Student Center

  A WIDE VARIETY OF AGES AND SITUATIONS   Located in the UC Building, room 112, just past the post office is the ANTS, or Adult, Non-Traditional & Transfer Student Center. A place that according to the APSU website “specializes in creating a space to celebrate adult learners and transfer ...

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Safety on Campus: A Conversation with Campus Police

On Sept. 10, 2018 at 12:50 a.m., an individual reported a robbery. Although the notification first said to have taken place near the soccer field, it was later revealed to have occurred in the McCord parking lot off College Street. According to campus Police Chief, Michael J. Kasitz, the confusion ...

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