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Safety on Campus: A Conversation with Campus Police

On Sept. 10, 2018 at 12:50 a.m., an individual reported a robbery. Although the notification first said to have taken place near the soccer field, it was later revealed to have occurred in the McCord parking lot off College Street. According to campus Police Chief, Michael J. Kasitz, the confusion ...

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Understanding Trump’s Tariffs and Their Possible Impact on You 

From washing machines to printer ink, President Trump’s expansive tariffs could affect the daily lives of citizens, including the students and faculty of APSU and the Clarksville community as a whole. Trump has been waging multiple trade wars with both America’s adversaries and some of the country’s oldest allies. One such ...

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Welcome Week: the Good and the Bad

A new school year began and with it came APEX and Welcome Week. Welcome Week included a wide range of events such as The Taking Care of Business Campus Resource Fair, The Rock the Quad Ice Cream Social, The Freshman Service Project and The SLE Monocle Madness Carnival including a ...

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