Every week since Thursday, Sept. 5., APSU has hosted the Provost Lecture Series.  The lectures are run by APSU faculty members from 3:00-4:30 p.m., in room 303 of the UC.

As described on the APSU Academic Affairs website, the purpose of these lectures is “to foster a spirit of intellectual and scholarly inquiry among faculty, staff, students and the wider community.”

The lecture Thursday, Sept. 17 was run by Barry Jones, interim Chair of the Department of Art.

“I ran this lecture as part of the agreement for the Faculty Research Project,” Jones said.

In the lecture he spoke about his brother, his interests in art, and dove into his community art project called “Common Hope,” which he started this year.

During the spring semester, Barry Jones visited several public places, such as schools and churches and asked people four questions: “What are your hopes and dreams? What is the most important thing in your life? What does it mean to live a good life? What are your responsibilities to each other?”

Some answers varied and some were the same, such as “family” being the most important thing in people’s lives.

After recording the many responses of different Clarksville citizens, Jones projected the questions and responses upon buildings throughout Clarksville using typographic animation.

“[Common Hope] was based on questions that I had asked myself,” Jones said, “and trying to discover my role as an artist in Clarksville. The goals were to make art and to show art with people who are not in the art world.”

“Amazing,” said Jacob Fesher, a studio art major. “[I] love hearing from a local artist.”

The lectures will continue throughout this semester as well as the next. Students are encouraged to attend.