As the semester moves closer to its end, Student Government Association (SGA) senators race against the clock to turn in their legislation. 

According to the SGA bylaws, senators “shall be responsible for drafting their own legislation and shall be responsible for writing at least one piece of legislation per term of office.” 

This legislation must be adopted and voted upon to satisfy this requirement.  

Co-authors will be allowed to contribute to writing legislation and receive credit for it. There is no maximum number of senators that may sponsor the legislation; however, only the first 3 authors will be counted for submitting the legislation.  

“The role of the sponsor,” according to SGA’s standing rules, “will be to lend support to the piece of legislation.” 

Any senator who does not adhere to these requirements will be terminated from office for not upholding the requirements for service in the legislative branch of SGA. 

SGA’s most recent resolution is a resolution to send a formal letter of recommendation to Chartwells to incorporate a ceiling speaker right above the Chick-fil-a kiosks in the Morgan University Center (MUC). 

The resolution states that “sophomores, juniors, and seniors complain about missing/not hearing their orders being called due to the volume of how loud the food areas can be, and the Chick-fil-a workers become irritated and have trouble trying to yell out orders to students.” 

Therefore, the resolution proposes as SGA’s best course of action writing a formal letter of recommendation to Chartwells to incorporate a ceiling speaker that will make it easier for “not only sophomores, but all students to hear and not miss any of their food orders.” 

The resolution was drafted by author Jes’Shawn Wiley, co-author: Yvette Anderson and co-author: Stephon Jenkins.