The Student Government Association (SGA) had a busy meeting. A student proposed that advance notice be given for certain events.

Several pieces of legislation were tabled and several more were introduced.

The student said, “I know, especially in the spring semester, there’s a lot of things that end up happening on campus that disrupt the normal flow of how things go.”

For example, big tours of visiting highschoolers and events that attract large crowds are becoming more popular.

The student was especially concerned with the recent visitor in the plaza.

The student proposed that a forewarning would be beneficial.

He said, “There’s a lot of things that go on that could be improved just by knowing.”

Dean of Students, Gregory Singleton, first addressed the visitor in the plaza.

“Because we are a state institution we cannot regulate time, place or manner of free speech. That’s a constitutional right that actually all of us have,” Singleton said.

Individuals who visit campus are not required to register for space. Henceforth, the school is unable to give advance notice as they don’t know when people are coming.

“Our institution is supported by taxpayers’ dollars, so we have to afford an opportunity for freedom of expression,” Singleton said. “The one thing I encourage people to do is to walk by.”

As for the tour groups, they are coordinated by the Admissions Office and no warnings are provided either.

It came to SGA’s attention that a proposed act, Act 5, was already passed last semester. Senator Mona Lane, the author of Act 5, tabled the legislation indefinitely.

Senator Elijah McGhee tabled his legislation regarding the library and student identification.

Senator Alexandria Banta tabled her legislation as well but submitted an improved version.

This updated version, Resolution 24, was read aloud. Acts 6 and 7 were also read out loud to Senate.

These pieces of legislation will be discussed in the upcoming meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 5:32 p.m.