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SGA goes to TISL

The APSU Student Government Association (SGA) convened on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 5 p.m. The Senate welcomed guest speakers from the 2018 Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) delegation. Act 1 was passed unanimously and the meeting concluded with senators reading their resolutions. The Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) is an ...

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Theft persists at APSU

  Early November, four vehicles were broken into and one vehicle was even reported stolen. Is there a criminal mastermind preying on the Austin Peay campus? Hardly, the reported vehicles had one thing in common: they were left unlocked. The suspect is a black male, whom at the time of ...

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SGA helps increase voter registration

Campus Community was allotted the first ten minutes of the meeting. No students were present, so no student concerns were voiced at APSU Student Government Association’s meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2018. The meeting introduction was completed by Vice President Trenton Delane. Roll Call was held by Executive Secretary Hailee ...

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‘Operation Faithful Patriot’ No Longer

Earlier this week, the costly border deployment of nearly 5,000 active-duty troops “Operation Faithful Patriot,” will now be referred to as “border support” to more accurately reflect the mission’s purpose of support, not combat. A Pentagon official familiar with the deployment revealed to Newsweek that the primary cost could begin ...

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Concerns for library and noise issues

Last week, the APSU Student Government Association (SGA) convened at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. The meeting first addressed student concerns and then welcomed guest speaker, Joe Weber. No students were present; however, Senator Jonathon Jeanis spoke on behalf of some that came to him that day. Jeanis mentioned ...

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Dangers of Unlocked Vehicles

CAMPUS THEFT In the span of three days, from Sept. 21 to Sept. 24, a total of 17 vehicles were broken in and stolen from. Most of the robberies occurred in the apartments near Dunbar Cave Road and Fairview Lane area. Although the crimes did not take place on campus, ...

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