The 2019-20 SGA budget and Resolution 21 has been passed in addition to the presentation of three pieces of legislation during the weekly SGA meeting.

Senator William Day spoke on the behalf of students concerned about the recent womanless pageant.

“If we have people transitioning or transgender on campus, that can be offensive to them. Of course to a lot of people, ‘Oh it’s just fun, there’s no harm.’ However, to them, they don’t see it that way,” Day said.

The meeting proceeded with the Executive Council (EC) reports.

Secretary Hailee Crawford emphasized the importance of turning in legislation by April 15.

Secretary Trenton Delane introduced Colin Crist, an applicant for the senator seat. Crist was voted in and ratified as Senior Senator.

President Courtney Covington concluded EC reports by reminding Senate about the Big Event.

Next came Committee Reports.

The Budget Committee was presented by Senator Ana Pla Rosario and Senator Jade Subirias.

The SGA proposed budget for 2019-20 allocated a total of $86,000 to various activities.

Events like GHOST, MudBowl and Homecoming were allocated $3,500, $8,000 and $7,500 respectively.

Chief Justice Whittaker explained that the budget was decided by looking at the previous year’s budget.

“We also based off how much revenue we brought in from students, the $5 students paid. So we also had to take into account like how many students we would think would come, it’s really strategic,” Whittaker said.

The budget for 2019-20 was passed.

Afterward, Senator William Cody spoke about Resolution 21 which gifted the Food Pantry $1500.

The resolution passed unanimously.

During New Business, Senator Mona Lane read in full Act 5.

Mona called for an amendment, proposing there would be three focus groups to increase rapport within the Senate.

Senator Elijah McGhee presented Resolution 22, which proposed that students not be required to present a student I.D. to the library after 9 p.m.

The legislation stated that “The current policy is inconvenient to; commuters who have left their student identification cards in areas off campus and cannot access them quickly; and students who are hindered from purchasing a replacement student identification card due to any financial issue.”

Senator Alexandria Banta read Resolution 23 to demonstrate the issue of the Honors Commons’ outdated vending machine.

The meeting adjourned at 5:26 pm