SGA passed legislation this week to create an academic holiday on election day on campus.

Graduate Senator Sean Siple and Graduate Senator Bill Cody have both shared their supportive opinions on this legislation.

“I’d like to stand in support of this resolution. I think that it could supplement all the other efforts that SGA have done historically as well as can do in the future to get our students more civically engaged and to the polls. So I just wanted to stand in and support,” Siple said.

“I just wanted to say I’d like to go along on what Stiple said. It is important since a lot of students are first time voters, and as the legislation says they have to vote in person the first time. So, I think that this is very important, and I kind of urge everyone to support this,” Cody said.

Many are in support of this legislation to be passed to benefit the students on campus. Which is day that should be taken advantage of to decide carefully on who to vote for.

Upcoming is the APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, which SGA will nominate an eligible faculty member.

According to the APSU National Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award selection criteria, “The recipient shall be a full-time faculty or a department chair. The recipient shall be a tenured faculty member and shall have completed a minimum of ten years of continuous full-time teaching at Austin Peay State University. Faculty who are on leave of absence for authorized reasons during the minimum ten-year continuous full-time teaching period (for example, professional development leave, maternity leave, etc.) shall still be considered eligible for the award. All ranks shall be eligible.”