APSU will potentially create an online chat board for students to stay connected with their peers and professors in accordance with Resolution No. 28.

This resolution was passed at the Wednesday, March 16, Student Government Association meeting.

The resolution’s author, Sen. Daisia Frank, said this resolution is an effort to keep students better connected with APSU.

“[Resolution No. 28] initiates a web-based communication chat board for all students so that we can all be able to communicate on different things, and we can stay connected better,” Frank said.

Sen. Austin McKain said he was concerned the chat board would devolve into “Yik Yak,” but Frank said this resolution sends a letter of recommendation to Student Affairs and they will moderate the chat board to prevent this.

After discussion in the Senate, Frank’s resolution passed.

In new business, two pieces of legislation were presented including Sen. Dylan Kellogg’s Act No. 11 which gives SGA the power to evaluate the “SGA Fee” students pay each semester.

Act No. 12, authored by Sen. Johnathan Johnson, was the second piece of legislation. It seeks to reword the SGA constitution so the duties of the associate chief justice are more accurately reflected.

SGA elections were also discussed. Elections will be held from Tuesday, March 29, through Thursday, March 31, and ratification will be held on April 1.

The next SGA meeting will be on Wednesday, March 23, at 4 p.m. in the Morgan University Center room 307.