Last week, the SGA held elections and their Ratification.

Zaid Malik (91 votes), Stewart Black (77 votes), and Robert Shelton (75 votes) won the elected Freshman Senate seats. For the Graduate Senate seats, the campus elected Sean Siple (62 votes), Damilola Olasupo (55 votes), and William Cody (51 votes).

Aside from the election procedures, the SGA also hosted the Unity Step event. The campus community gathered to recognize the Govs Creed. The event also symbolized the campus mission to support the equal treatment of all people. The Unity Step was a chance for students to come together and listen to guest speakers. Students also received t-shirts and free food from Jimmy John’s.

After speakers presented, students signed the Unity Step banner and attendees walked together as a community. The campus gathering also included a ribbon garden for students to write their reflections.

Although the Unity Step was a measure for students to come together, students still wore masks and adhered to social distancing protocols.

As the SGA reflects on the Unity Step and elections, Senators are also preparing legislation and future events.

On September 29, at 7:30 p.m., the SGA invites the campus to the Presidential Debate Watch Party in the Clement Auditorium. The 2020 Presidential Debate between presidential candidates former vice president Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will take place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. The event will be streamed live for the campus to watch together.

The SGA will provide food and drinks for attendees, but attendance will be limited to 150 people. CDC social distancing guidelines will also be required for attendees. More details will come soon about the event.