CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Austin Peay State University recently announced the addition of a Psychological Science and Counseling Clinic on campus thanks to a grant from the Clarksville Montgomery County Community Health Foundation, as well as additional expansions to the school’s available nursing programs. 

Intended to address the local mental health crisis and provide access to mental health care, the clinic is located in the former Wesley Foundation Building at 510 College Street. 

The clinic will be part of a doctoral program in counseling psychology and a master’s program in science in order to ensure that all Clarksville residents have access to mental health services surrounding support for mood, trauma, and anxiety issues without the high costs and wait time that most mental health providers have in the area. The wait time in particular is set to be absolved thanks to the aforementioned grant. 

While the program will offer many counseling services, it will not immediately be able to provide medications or prescriptions to those who use the clinic. 

This will change shortly as the program combines the APSU Psychological Science and Counseling Clinic with the APSU School of Nursing team’s existing counseling clinic and community health foundation. 

This collaboration will also double-down as a training site for Austin Peay students in the medical field so that nurse practitioners will be able to have firsthand experience and carry their degrees further along. 

The clinic intends on focusing on quick turnaround on visits and low prices for customers, with visits starting as low as $5 and options to bill clients if needed.