It’s that time again folks. And this week I am talking about a hot topic: doing you.

Every day I wake up with one goal, and that is to be the best “me” possible. I am searching for a fitting motto to yell at people, and so far I have “YOU DO YOU BOO.” Which I think is completely fitting for me. I mean let’s be real, being fake and acting like someone we aren’t is exhausting. Who wants to be tired all of the time? Not me, honey.

“Social stigma and opinions of others is something that we should consider here, right???”


Caring about that silly stuff is a waste of time, and energy, when you could be putting it elsewhere. Could you imagine if we put all of our energy into being who we are, instead of putting it into the grasp of others’ judgment? The world would indefinitely be a such a better place. Hands down, case closed, all other arguments are invalid. *snaps in a “z” formation*

Okay but seriously, if you are one of the negative humans that just find everyone living their lives as they want to, watch out because I’m coming for you with a handful of glitter that will rain over you like a cloud of glory. Don’t play with me, honey.

I just love when I see people doing what they love and being who they want, it gives me such a rush. Especially if you can feed off of each other’s energy and have some sort of powerful “you do you boo” connection. AH, what a great way to live our lives.

On average, a human lives 80 years, that’s not a lot of time, people. Why would you want to spend the only 80 years you get being unhappy, someone else, or judgmental of others? It just does not make sense.

So, what will you choose?


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