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Let It Go, Fam.

Taylor Harrell, Join The Adventure.

Hello my little ducklings! Welcome back. We are now two weeks into the semester here at Austin Peay, and I think all of us students are feeling a little overwhelmed (you too, professors). After the semester started following classes being canceled twice… we hit the ground running with assignments, homework, ...

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The All State takes home 8 awards

The All State returned from the 2017 Fall National Media Convention in Dallas, Texas with eight awards, as explained in an APSU press release. The Associated Collegiate Press and the College Media Association gave the awards. As a newspaper, The All State won the sixth place in Newspaper Four Year ...

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The unspoken-Finals

Hello my little chickens. It is that time of year again folks. No, I am not talking about Christmas. Although, it cometh. The “time of year” I speak of is the unspoken part of college. In t-minus three weeks, college students all around the lands will be batting down the ...

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Why Ya Mad? Fix Ya Face!

Kamea's Corner

We all like to root for people; sports teams, athletes, musicians, anybody who has ever won “The Biggest Loser.” We catch ourselves cheering for Serena when she won a Grand Slam (while she was pregnant!!). We were rooting for Lebron and those Cavaliers to finally win a ring during the ...

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Stop telling women to smile more

Men need to stop telling women to smile more. They are making us want to scream. “Smile, you are too pretty not to smile.” Women all over the world have heard this famous line, and all at once we sigh and roll our eyes in disgust. We have all been ...

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Celebrities should use their platform to speak out

In a society that is so heavily influenced by celebrities, it is essential that they speak up about issues now more than ever. Celebrities are role models. Along with fame and fortune, they are granted a huge platform to share their opinions on certain issues with their fans, and they ...

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