Hello my little ducklings! Welcome back.

We are now two weeks into the semester here at Austin Peay, and I think all of us students are feeling a little overwhelmed (you too, professors). After the semester started following classes being canceled twice… we hit the ground running with assignments, homework, projects and labs due by midnight that following Friday. Not only are we stressed, but now we feel like we haven’t gotten the proper start to this semester.

With my impeccable sleuthing skills, I’ve done a little research on other underlying stress factors that we are trudging through, as we speak. One of which relates to me on a high scale level.

Here are some of my findings:

Finding #1

We hold ourselves to a super high standard. We are trying to impress colleagues, peers, instructors, and our own families. That is a lot to deal with, for anyone.

Finding #2

Not only are we trying to reach this standard we’ve set for ourselves, we are also trying to bounce back from our losses. GPAs were lost, classes were failed, and relationships crashed last semester.

If there is one thing I know about us college folk, it’s that we are some of the strongest people, but we can only take so much. Do yourself a favor and remember that the past is the past, and you can only move forward. The past will not change, but you can take the future one day at a time.

Do your best, try your hardest, and fight with fury. And know that at the end of the day you are still the incredible, hard-working, back rub-deserving, and kick-a** person you were before.

Let the past go,

Live for now,

And take care of yourself.