One thing is clear here: college is hard.

Not only is it hard, but it is a total change of pace. No matter your year or major, your workload and schedule will never be consistent. It almost feels like hitting a super big wave on a float, so your friends could watch you fly 10 feet in the air before belly smacking the water.

I still have back pain.

Anyhow, there is good news from all of this. It may ease your mind. No guarantees, though.

Being thrown into shark infested water, completing all-nighters, living off of coffee, eating a Dorito you found in your pocket, and all the papers you turned in at the very last minute, all have one thing in common: They have made you a super-human.

For reallllll. Being put through the dark nightmare we like to call “College” gives us the backbone and knowledge to accomplish ANYTHING.

Jump out of a plane? Piece of cake.

Cliff diving in Peru? Easy.

Hike the Grand Canyon? Been there.

Build a robot? Did that yesterday.

Drive in L.A. traffic? No prob- actually I’m good.

But seriously, fly your pride with a purpose. You deserve it. Look at you go.

NOW for your favorite part, here are this week’s tips:

  1. Working out to a Cardi B playlist makes it 10 times better.
  2. Using the restrooms in the basement of the library is less embarrassing when you just want to sit there and scroll through Twitter.
  3. Get a good pair of flops. Any kind of flops that allow sock-and-sandal pairing. You’ll thank me later.
  4. Start out your day with fruit and water. Not a doughnut and coffee, you’ll regret it about an hour and one bowel movement later.
  5. Starting out your day earlier is easier than ending your day late.
  6. Don’t study during lunch, food is distracting.

I hope these help.

And don’t forget, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Until next time…