What is your version of a joy-filled life?

I prefer long drives across the country, glamping, mountain hiking, desert exploring, picture taking, and local food eating.

Let’s talk trips, because they are a major key to living your best life. Yassss.

Some of the most important trips of your life will be the spontaneous ones. The ones you will penny-pinch on, and the ones you sleep on couches for. I have some tips that I have learned along my travels so far, and I’m gonna share em’.

1)Don’t eat street sushi.

2)If the hotel room smells like mold, it has mold.

3)Eat all the local food you can; you can get chipotle at home, my dude.

4)Pack light, but pack an outfit more than you think you need. I promise- you’ll need it.

5)Don’t skip out on the things you know you cannot live without. Being miserable ruins the trip.

 6)Have all the fun you can, and don’t say no to anything.

 7)Oh also, if someone offers help with directions or eats, take it.

Now, I have some news.

The mitochondria is where Substrate-level Phosphorylation is centered; it’s not the “powerhouse” of the cell anymore.

Yeah, I was shook too.

Till’ text time!