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The last one.

This is it. My last blog. Wow. That means it is final’s week here at APSU, and all of us college students are sweating buckets. via GIPHY This semester went by so quick, and here we are, at the last stretch. Boy, am I proud of all of us. We ...

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The Break Blues

We are now into our second full week of winter break. It’s been half of a month since the week of stress, and we should be at least halfway re-cooped since then. I know that most of our bodies have put their guard down, and we’ve probably caught up on ...

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The unspoken-Finals

Hello my little chickens. It is that time of year again folks. No, I am not talking about Christmas. Although, it cometh. The “time of year” I speak of is the unspoken part of college. In t-minus three weeks, college students all around the lands will be batting down the ...

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What is your version of a joy-filled life? I prefer long drives across the country, glamping, mountain hiking, desert exploring, picture taking, and local food eating. Let’s talk trips, because they are a major key to living your best life. Yassss. Some of the most important trips of your life ...

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Taylor Harrell, Join The Adventure.

Hello my favorite people. It has been a while since we’ve sat down and had our biweekly chat. Most of the time I come bearing jokes and ways to make life fun. This week is different. My heart, like many other’s is heavy, and sad. This week’s tip will be ...

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“This is Wavy”


One thing is clear here: college is hard. Not only is it hard, but it is a total change of pace. No matter your year or major, your workload and schedule will never be consistent. It almost feels like hitting a super big wave on a float, so your friends ...

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