If you finished that sentence with the first verse from Nicki Minaj’s rap in the Kanye West song, “Monster”, give yourself a pat on the back.

According to Snapchat, Labor Day marked the end of summer and the start of fall, but Mother Nature is pretty much playing with everybody’s emotions right now. It is still hot as ever outside, and these temperatures are definitely not cutting it.

Anyways, it’s officially week three and I don’t know about the rest of the freshmen, but I can definitely say that, with all this walking that APSU has me doing, I don’t think the freshmen 15 will get me. In the wise words of Drake, my stomach will definitely be on “flat flat.”

For it to be Tuesday, it definitely feels like a Monday. I don’t know about you guys, but waking up this morning was a definite struggle. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the life of me, and every time I looked at the clock I would roll back over and go right back to sleep, despite knowing that I should’ve been getting up to get ready for class. See, in high school, my mom was my alarm clock and now that I’m in college, I have to be my alarm clock. You can see how that’s working out, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of late classes, which are both a blessing and a curse.

Also, I hope everyone makes it through week three of being in college. I think I am hitting a point where I have fallen into a rhythm of being away from home, but there are days where I’m just like, “Wow, I could be in bed sleeping rather than being in class right now.” Then, I always imagine how my mother would feel about paying money for me to be here, for me to not be in class. It’s kind of like, if Adulting 101 was an actual class, I would probably fail because adulting is definitely not my thing, but I’m getting there…very slowly, but I’m getting there, I promise.