If there is one thing that you take away from your four years on a college campus, it is most definitely this: when you hear “Blow the Whistle” or “Wipe Me Down”, you MOVE OUT OF THE WAY or you WILL be pushed around like the little ball in a pinball machine because the Greeks do NOT, I repeat, do NOT come to play when they start strolling. Strolling, which can also be called stepping, has two different definitions. It can either be an organized line movement performed around the floor at a party or it can be a cultural dance that is often performed in a circle or in unison to symbolize unity and strength.

Strolling was originally called the “Death March” by the Divine Nine which are the nine fraternities and sororities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. The “Death March” was what the probate is today, the final step so to speak in joining that fraternity or sorority or crossing. The pledges would sing organizational hymns and say poems. ¬†Strolling is definitely an art form because the moves that you see these frats and sororities do when they stroll are all taught and learned, but it comes so easy to them that it looks like they can do these moves in their sleep.

Now, strolling isn’t just a thing that anyone and everyone can do; most Greek letter organizations simply step out of respect for the NPHC but (surprise!) another rule for ya headtop: Never, and I mean NEVER, break the line of a fraternity or a sorority that is strolling!!!! You will be looked at like you’re Boo-Boo the Fool and you can possibly never show your face on campus because you harbored a reputation as that¬†person who broke the line.

So, the next time you hear a song that has any type of beat drop, expect a frat or a sorority to start forming that line because the stroll life is real. Move out of the way unless you want to be stomped on by the heel of an AKA or a Delta or a Zeta or a Sigma Gamma or pummeled by any of the frats (with the exception of the shimmying Kappas); because when the Alphas, Ques, or Sigmas stroll, they go hard and that is something you do NOT want to get in the middle of.

I said it once and I will say it again: Never EVER in your life EVER break a frat or sorority line! Just save yourself the embarrassment and don’t do it. Just sit back and spectate like everybody else.