Did you catch that Kendrick Lamar reference? Well, if you didn’t, I suggest you look it up. There will be more music references where that came from. My name is Kamea Ferguson and I am a freshman here at APSU. Through this blog, you will read my thoughts on pretty much anything and everything; from the Olympics, the upcoming presidential election, current events and, of course, what’s going on around campus. If there is one thing that I consider myself good at, it’s definitely putting my thoughts into words. I find that the little things can be the deepest things. When it comes to something as simple as song lyrics or book quotes, I tend to think about it repeatedly  and imagine what the artist was thinking while they were writing. I know this might come off as one of those ‘boring’ blogs, but I will do my best to keep things entertaining.


If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how the first week of classes went, I would probably be rich right now. My first week started and ended the same way: always feeling like I needed a nap. Friendly reminder to all APSU freshmen, naps are incredibly important. It doesn’t matter if it is five minutes or an hour, always get that nap in. Also, I always thought that Memphis heat was disrespectful, but Clarksville has changed my mind. This heat is definitely not a joke. I know everyone is waiting for the temperature to drop so they can start breaking out their fall wardrobe, because let’s face it, everyone is at their best slayage during the fall and winter months.

All in all, I hope that everyone enjoys week 2 of adulting 101…I mean…college!