Madeline’s is a French bakery and café in Clarksville, TN at 100 Strawberry Alley. Less than a 10 minute walk from campus, Parisian Culture is closer than ever.

Madeline’s specializes in French pastries such as macarons, madeleines, croissants, tarts, specialty cakes, eclairs, and so much more. They also offer things like sandwiches such as a tasty classic Reuben as well as a club of their own like their Croque Madame.

The atmosphere is extremely inviting and aesthetically pleasing with French themed pillows and décor, giving off a fancy café vibe. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a display case of colorful pastries from cookies to cakes.

Their menu ranges from desserts to breakfast options, which include a selection from an omelet, bacon, eggs, and a breakfast sandwich. Something more to the French cuisine is offered with their choice of breakfast crepes or tartines- which is a baguette served with butter, honey, and homemade blueberry jam. Their breakfast is student friendly as an item is no more than $10 or $11 and with their serving sizes it is definitely able to keep you full. Not to mention the proximity to campus, Madeline’s is the perfect place to grab a bite before class.

Croque Madame

Madeline’s also offers crepes. Their crepes come in the choices of sweet or savory. Their savory crepes range from a French Classic which comes with ham, béchamel, and swiss cheese to more vegetarian-friendly options with their vegetarian crepe or their Greek crepe. You’re sweet tooth can be met with options ranging from crepes filled with butter and brown sugar to a crepe smothered in caramel sauce.

Another refreshing treat and on the healthier side is the salads offered at this little café. If you aren’t feeling a sandwich or crepe then you are given two options of salad with chicken or their complete salad which comes with lettuce, grated carrot, tomato, sweet corn, red onions, boiled eggs, and a side baguette.

Lastly, a true café isn’t complete without coffee. Madeline’s offers a variety of student essentials from their regular coffee to flavors such as mocha and white mocha. They also offer espresso, cappuccinos, milkshakes, hot tea, juice, and hot chocolate.

With a comforting atmosphere, great entertainment such as live music performances, and food at an affordable price, it is safe to say that Madeline’s has this governor’s stamp of approval!