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Behind the fur: it’s not just sex

Being a furry is not just having sex in animal suits.

For some people, describing themselves as just a human falls short. For some people, it helps to also describe themselves as an animal and embrace that animal’s spirit. This is called being a furry.

Jenelle Grewell | Editor-in-Chief

To read the in-depth special interview with furry “Gaysian”, please pick up the print edition available on main campus and at the satellite campus at Fort Campbell.

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One comment

  1. lease forgive the lateness of this but school being what it is I had papers to write. I applaud wanting to write an informative article on some non-mainstream culture on our campus , however the photo used in the article seemed to be contrary to the point of the article. Most people do equate Furies as a fetish/sexual homogenous group and the picture of people in underwear with furry accessories reenforced two images 1. Its sexual since most people inferred that it was a moments before sex shot.2.that people in that community are there due to being weird and unable to attract anyone else. This was due to the unflattering angle of the picture of the gentleman on his mid-section. I know all of these judgements are in error and having done costume work for Cosplay, Furry, and historical re-creation/LARP these forks are normally above average intelligence and have many social contacts outside of what they enjoy doing. I would ask that they next time you want to do a photo session on something like this, please look at the pictures with the intent of giving the BEST possible profile and camera angle and that the photo does indeed work with the message of the story.