Courtney Peppernell is a best selling author from Sydney, Australia. She is mostly known for her poetry novels that she started publishing in 2016.

In 2016, Peppernell published her first book of poems, Pillow Thoughts.

Pillow Thoughts became a book series that consisted of four books; each containing poems that focused on love, heartbreak, and healing. 

A personal favorite in the first book is in the section of If You Need Encouragement:

I think about people sometimes
Like how they have their coffee
And if they like butter on their toast
I think about whether they're
Afraid of the same things as I am
And whether they're chasing
Dreams every day
I think about the scars they
Have on their bodies
And the light that shines in their eyes
I think about whether they
Wear socks to bed
Or whether they have
Special-occasion clothes
Hanging in their closets
So if you're wondering
If someone thinks about you
From time to time
Then maybe this is your answer
I think about you a lot
I wonder if anyone is thinking about me too

This is one of my favorite poems that Peppernell has written. She shows that she understands what others are going through and that she has the same struggles as the readers. This intimate author-reader relationship style is prominent throughout all of Peppernell’s works.

She later released Watering the Soul, The Way Back Home, and will be releasing Time Will Tell, a trilogy that focuses on self-love, and forgiveness. 

In 2021, after releasing Watering the Soul, she had written a book of poetry called All Dogs are Good. This book of poems was dedicated to her dog and focuses on the love and loyalty of a 4 legged friend. 

Peppernell has also written two novels: Chasing Paper Cranes and Keeping Long Island.

There is no doubt about it that Peppernell has a way with words. Her poetry allows people to feel understood and less alone in hardships and heartbreak. If you want to read Peppernell’s books, they can be found at a local bookstore, target, or amazon.