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Lately almost everyone has been going crazy over “Squid Game,” a fictional Korean drama that has been on the rise.

Is this show really worth the hype?

In a way: absolutely. If you like tension, gore and thinking deeply about society, this is the show for you. In my opinion, it’s too much for my eyes due to its brutal deaths.

Usually I enjoy Korean dramas like “Abyss” — a show about a woman and man who died tragic deaths but come back into different bodies due to an abyss — but Squid Game? Not as much.

I do enjoy the story line, but I think it’s too petty. Imagine being shot and killed after not playing red light, green light correctly.

Another reason why I can’t get into the show is that the characters are killed over children’s games. But at the same time, that’s what keeps the audience on edge to see more.

I definitely want to see more because of the high stakes as episodes progress, so I do like the tension and betrayal.

Despite my opinion of it being over-hyped, it’s really interesting to see the characters go to great lengths just for money.

In the real world, some people will do just about anything to be rich and won’t think twice about who they hurt or affect. It’s a portrayal of the very greedy society we live in.

“Squid Game” is a show that relates to the real world, and I can see how it compares to the reality of this world.

The show just has too much death. It scares me but keeps me watching to see what happens next.

The deaths are gruesome and impactful. For me it causes shock, despite it being common in the show.

What I do appreciate about this show is its complexity. You don’t have to enjoy Korean dramas to get into this show; it’s naturally appealing in its own way.

I would give “Squid Game” a solid 8/10. I could do without a lot of gore, but I enjoy the complexity of the show and the characters as individuals. The second episode did an amazing job looking into the complexity of the characters, but I would like to see more of that in Season 2.