Summer is just around the corner and for some that means white, sandy beaches, outdoor barbeque and summer vacations.

Summertime is also a time for people to find fun locally as well, and there is no better place for that than The City Forum located at 2231-T Madison St, Clarksville, Tennessee.

 First opened in 2018, The City Forum offers entertainment such as minigolf, bowling, go-kart racing, laser tag and an arcade.

The arcade also includes a Virtual Reality station offering five different unique games with the use of a virtual reality headset and wands and can be played individually or with up to three other players.

When entering The City Forum, customers are given player cards in which they charge towards which can be used at any of the attractions and can be recharged at either the front desk or at the recharge station in the arcade.

The player cards also hold tickets that were gained from playing the arcade games, which can be used to purchase prizes at the prize center.

The City Forum also offers refreshments such as The Streatery and The Bowling Lounge which offers drinks and foods such as pizza, chicken wings and an appetizer sampler.

Many locals come to the City Forum to wind down and blow off steam, such as one customer named Justin Kuris who comes to play the dance rhythm game Step Mania X.

“I’ve played dance games, rhythm games pretty much since I was fourteen,” Kuris said.

Kuris comes to the City Forum every Friday to play on Step Mania X.

“This place is a really nice place to come hang out and chill,” added Kuris.

Even if one is not in the local area, The City Forum is still a great place to visit for people who are out of town.

Kristine Villafan, a property manager, came to The City Forum from outside of town on April 23 with her four children and discussed how affordable it is compared to arcades.

“I feel overall for the time that I have spent here, relatively it’s affordable compared to arcades where a hundred dollars goes in a few minutes, but I have been here for maybe two hours, and I have spent with the kids maybe $80 total.

“There is a lot to do food-wise in the area, but when we were looking for kid things to do during Covid and stuff that could be open and the weather not being so great, this is a good place to go,” Vilafan said.

The City Forum is also a fun place to be if one is an employee here.

Chase Kersey, a City Forum employee who works at the laser tag attraction, started working at the establishment in late January of this year and so far enjoys his time.

“It’s a good first job,” Kersey said. “Working at the arcade is really fun, because I get to do laser tag.”

Ethan Turrentine operates the VR station in the arcade which includes four headsets, two handles for each station, attachments for shooter games and can be played with up to four people.

“It’s pretty fun. My job is to keep people from hitting each other, and it’s mostly little kids that enjoy it,” stated Turrentine.

Turrentine also stated that the City Forum is a great place to visit because “it’s a good time to spend with your family and it’s fun with your friends here.”

Becca Isherwood, the general manager of the establishment, describes working at City Forum as “the best job ever.”

“My main goal is to develop my team so that they are trained well, understand what great guest service is, understand great teamwork and are really able to take care of our guests,” stated Isherwood.

Isherwood sees City Forum as important because they are trying to make Clarksville more of a destination and trying to improve the culture in Clarksville.

“It gives everybody that lives here something to do that is fun,” Isherwood said.

The City Forum also hosts events such as trivia nights, birthday parties and customers can even rent the bowling lounge for a private event.

Whether one is a Clarksville local or from out of town, The City Forum is the establishment for fun with family and friends throughout the summer.