The semester is coming to a close and the student government association (SGA) approaches their last meeting. Senators did an excellent job in submitting legislation on time. 2 pieces of legislation were passed and 3 more were presented to Senate.

Senator Janesa Wine summarized resolution 25 regarding a color coded system for residential parking lots. Senator Jaden Davidson noticed a problem and said “It sort of limits students who are residents to only park at one parking lot at time. President Courtney Covington mentioned that a similar system existed before but was changed due to various issues.

Being a freshman Senator Wine was unaware of this change. Wine reasoned that the Sevier lot is frequently crowded and most occupants are not residents of the hall. She created the bill since she has heard many complaints. Senator Alexandria Banta said,“It could potentially really confuse people who want to just know which lots they can park in.” Resolution 25 did not pass.

Resolution 26 came afterwards and instructed that a recommendation letter be sent to Campus Police. The letter would entail a caution sign be set up parallel to the Greek Village entrance, the bill was passed. Resolutions 27 and 28 were tabled as the legislation’s sponsor was absent. Resolution 29 was also tabled due to the bill’s content being outside the scope of the title.

During New Business, 3 resolutions were presented and summarized. Resolution 30 suggested that Library hours be modified, allowing access to the second floor for all hours. Resolution 31 required that a standard attendance policy for hybrid and online classes be made. The final legislation asked that a dining option be available in the Kimbrough building. These 3 bills will be discussed next meeting.

President Covington shared words of thanks on behalf of Joe Weber, the Director of Library Services, since SGA recently donated funds to help pay for library security cameras. Weber wrote, “I anticipate that having the cameras will not only assist with building security but might also help with curbing noise and minor behavior issues in the library.”

The meeting adjourned at 5:18 p.m.