For the second installment, I wanted to reflect on my favorite articles from Peay Twister. Here are some of my top ones in no particular order.

1. Yahoo Answers

I really enjoyed looking through Yahoo! Answers to find the worst or most baffling questions and try answer them. Some were so terrible that I had hard times answering!

2. Bizarre Tornadoes

On a few occasions, tornadoes lives up to their reputation and land into interesting tales.

Anyone fancy one night with seven twisters?

3. Yellowstone

While Yellowstone is a formidable force of nature, there are other active volcanoes that people should worry more about, such as Mt. Rainier. Rainier is a fun fourteener to bag, but when it decides to go, it will be a bad day for Seattle and the suburban areas. Also, I learned that Toba, Yellowstone, and Taupo are not the only currently dormant supervolcanoes with a history of VEI-8 eruptions.

4. A list of thing NOT to do in a tinderbox

If anything, I hope this would help people know what not to do in a tinderbox dry environment.

Enjoy those articles!