I had dug up a steaming pile of hot garbage for uniquely stupid gems on Yahoo! Answer back in April this year, and I wanted to do it again. Here’s the previous article.

I went back to Yahoo! Answer for more gems in the pile of hot garbage, and this summer already provided more gems! I’ll post the best ones and try to answer them as best as I can. Here I go!

My cows produce a lot of body heat. Since it is cold outside will a tornado form over the top of them?

No… Body heat from cows is not even enough for a little cumulus, much less an entire supercell thunderstorm! It takes way more energy than Hiroshima bomb to build a supercell in an optimal environment with moisture, shear, lift, and Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE). Body heat from a herd of cows is nothing.

Whats the weather today?

Huh? That’s less than 10 seconds to look up.

Help! It is snowing in my house what should I do?

This is pretty funny since I don’t have any context. Was the roof broken? No clue. Did he leave windows open? No clue.

Are hurricanes real?

Yes, they are. This was likely a repost, but here I am. Is picture enough?

Is the weather becoming fake news too?!?

Uhhh… no? Weather exist, and it affect out daily choices, so it’s not fake news. I think I have seen that reposted again.

Help a tornado just crashed my field. Can I sue the government for causing the tornado to come here?

Okay, few pointers for OP (original poster). You cannot blame government for act of nature, including the said tornado. You could technically sue anyone, including Illuminati, over anything, but this is definitely no-win case. Tornadoes are just acts of nature, not caused by government.

“Do you live in a trailer home? Because if so, the government is not responsible, since you chose to live in a tornado magnet. ”

I also wanted to address the response above since “trailer home attract tornadoes” is a bogus myth. However, there’s kernel of truth behind “tornado magnet” since it’s easier to tell weak tornadoes and severe thunderstorm winds apart from a damaged mobile home compared to completely forested area. However, it was just coincidences that a said trailer home is hit by a tornado.

The temperature outside dropped 13 fahrenheit in 7 hours. The final temperature was -2 fahrenheit. What was the starting temperature? ?

This has more to do with math than weather, but someone here really needs to work on math. The starting temperature was 11 degrees F.

Sonic the Hedgehog creates tornadoes, is it true in real life hedgehogs cause tornadoes in mid US!?

Okay… I hope this is a troll. Real life hedgehogs couldn’t even make a tiny swirl, much less tornadoes in central U.S. Also, tornadoes do exist outside central U.S. Like I said before, you need moisture, CAPE, shear, and lift to create thunderstorm to produce a tornado, not a little real life hedgehog.