I wanted to do Bassfield tornado, but we do not have all the information of the catastrophic tornado as of the writing. Unfortunately, lives had been lost on Easter, and Bassfield tornado was one of most terrifying tornadoes I’ve known about. Since we don’t have all of information set in stone other than it being the third widest tornado with standing diameter of 2.27 miles and a violent tornado regardless. With little information to form a good opinion on Bassfield tornado and its neighbor for that matter, I’ll defer it to next week.

So, I’ll dive in some of funniest weather-related questions related to Yahoo! Answers and respond to them here. I will also leave the bad grammar as well. They’re taken from Yahoo! Answers for entertainment and humor.

Is the weather becoming fake news too?!?

No. Simple answer is no. I was wondering if whoever asked this question had seen snow or rain.

It is 90 degrees in my room. If I pour a bag of ice in it and turn on the AC, will a tornado form?

That’s not how tornadoes work. You need ingredients for thunderstorms to start with: moisture, lift and instability. If you want thunderstorm that can produce a tornado, you need wind shear. A simple bag of ice and AC are not enough to make a tiny thunderstorm, much less a tornado.

NASA's fleet of satellites covering powerful Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma from NOAA’s GOES East, Image credit: NOAA

Are hurricanes real?

Yes. Is that enough? Is this picture enough? How about Florida residents performing annual rituals of boarding up their windows for incoming hurricanes?

Are there hurricanes in South Dakota?

No. They (and tropical cyclones in general) form on warm water from oceans, and tropical cyclones rely on warm water for fuel. South Dakota is way too inland.

Will there ever be a category 13 hurricane?

Nope. Highest category is 5 on Saffir-Simpson scale.

Why do clouds?

No idea how to answer that one.

Why is the Hurricane Irma so angry and vicious?

The response I saw was, ” Cause her husband Harvey Done cheating on her…with that **** Texas.” I wondered if that person was referring to Irma’s intensity because Irma was in a very optimal environment with very warm water and minimal shear.

What’s inside a tornado?

More legitimate question with hilarious answers below. Still funnier answers than water vapors, dirtvand flying debris.

“we know that it just has sperms inside.”

“Definitely cars, there are always cars in every single tornado ever. Doesn’t matter if its in the middle of the desert, there are cars in it. Even ones from centuries ago had cars flying around in them.”

How come hurricanes only hit deplorable Trump supporting states?

No politics in weather, please. It’s purely a coincidence.

Is there snow in prescott for tomorrow?

The laziest question ever. It could be easily answered by just looking up weather online or watching local weather.

I feel Captain Picard’s pain reading those questions. He has such an iconic facepalm from Star Trek: The New Generation by Gene Roddenberry.