Players on the Wisconsin bench react during the second half of a college basketball regional semifinal against North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament, Thursday, March 26, 2015, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

February has the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500, April has the Masters and the NFL Draft, June has the College World Series and the NBA Draft, and October has the World Series, but for me, March is easily the best all-around month of the year for me, as someone who has been a casual sports fan and a sports journalist.  

March Madness alone could make March the best sports month of the year, but we also have the playoff race in the NHL and NBA, the start of conference play in college baseball, and the usual start of the MLB, even though the MLB delayed their start until April due to the league’s lockout. 

There are few sporting events throughout the year that are as captivating as March Madness. The 2022 men’s tournament averaged 10.7 million viewers for its 67 live game telecasts across 4 different channels, according to the NCAA. This does not even include conference tournaments from earlier in the month. 

In the NHL and NBA, the regular season playoff races come down to the wire throughout the month of March. With the playoff picture taking shape, every game becomes extremely important and draws in even casual fans of the leagues.  

The suspense of finding out whether a team is going to make the playoffs or not can be extremely intense for sports fans, and only makes March that much more captivating as a sports fan.  

Baseball is also a major advantage for March as a sports month. On the college level, programs are gearing up for conference play, which leads to countless series of games between heated rivals and top-ranked teams.  

While the MLB did not start in March this year due to the league’s labor dispute, it usually starts in March as well. 

The start of the season lets fans get a first look at their team’s news acquisitions from the offseason and top prospects that they have waited years to see at the MLB level.  

As a sports journalist and fan, you will never be bored in March, no matter what time of the month that you tune in.  

All-around, I think that there is no month that can go toe-to-toe with March when it comes to sports.