For many APSU students Saturday, Sept. 16, was a first. For freshman it was their first home game, for quarterback Jeremiah Oatsvall it was the day he scored his first touchdown but for any student that started school in the Spring of 2015 or later it was their first win.

Following watching their hometown team come up short in 29 consecutive games, games that varied from a 52-6 blowout or being on the wrong end of a 41-40 heartbreak, 8,152 football fans in attendance at APSU’s 69-7 victory saw history happen. While alumni and staff members cheered on, nobody enjoyed the moment more then the students. Throughout the 60 minutes of football, the Govs’ student section stood on their feet all night, and they enjoyed every second of it.

“Legendary” was the only word freshman mechatronic engineering major Lane Manley could find to describe the night. “Even though I am a freshman I could tell how much it meant to APSU. It was crazy [to see so many students come together],” Manley added.

“There was so much cheering [in the student section], the t-shirt cannon was pretty cool,” said junior English major Austin Street. “[Storming the field] has been one of the most exciting moments of my collegiate career. It was pretty crazy to be on the field standing next to the players.”

In addition to the streak falling, the goal posts fell as well.

“It meant a lot to see the energy going in. We get to the middle, and we just started rocking the thing. The uprights started falling off, and it was crazy,” said junior public relations major Jax Keith.

“We sawed it [the goal post] in half, the rocked it until it came off, and that became our own personal trophy,” added Keith. “It felt like we were at an SEC school. A school that was proud of our team and our program. It was something to see everyone so united.”

“We looked ready, we looked fast, it was amazing,” junior special education major Drew Crawford said. “Seeing so many people out there was awesome; hopefully we can make every game like that.”

The crowd in attendance set a new Fortera Stadium record at 8,152 people present. The large number of fans completely changed the attitude, and in turn, the atmosphere around the Govs.

“In the past it has seemed like maybe 100 people at the game, so it was amazing to see the place backed in red and white. It was a great atmosphere, and the players kept turning around and kept pumping us up. It was like we were a part of the game.

For APSU students, the memories made on Saturday will be ones that they can hold onto for some time. For now, though, we all can hope and cheer for another APSU win.

Next on the list:  Mu**ay State.