Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Housing, Joe Mills, spoke at SGA’s meeting on Wednesday, Feb.7 about their lack of research on legislation.

“Before a senator writes a resolution, he or she go and talk to the office in charge of the topic of the resolution, as there has been many false claims in SGA resolutions,” Mills said.

Mills also addressed the legislation presented by President Frank Burns that would allow students to save or give away plus dollars in meal plans and how it would be “a waste to tuition money.”

Vice President Jordan Reedy nominated Senator Lane Manley for the Chief Clerk position and Senator Hailee Crawford for the Parliamentarian position and was voted on and passed unanimously.

Burns announced that every Wednesday in March will be “Give Back Wednesday.” Students will be able to donate a meal swipe through The Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement.

During the meeting, the Executive Board announced that Canva will “most likely” be the new Distance Education Learning Management System. The University will be making the final decision in August of this year.

SGA nominated Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages and Literature, Kenneth Cervelli, for the Most Distinguished Faculty Award.

SGA meets at 5 p.m., every Wednesday, in MUC 305.