Newly elected SGA President, Frank Burns, wrote a letter to the student body of APSU about his goals for the 2017-2018 academic year. He writes:

“As Student Government Association President, I wish to develop many projects that will sustain, uplift and contribute to the image of Austin Peay State University. I wish to implement projects that will be used by all students. I want to implement a bike rental system for APSU students. I hope that this project will be one that will be long-lasting on our campus as well as beneficial and fun to the students. This bike system will uplift the promotion of healthy living in our community, while providing a fun safe experience. The bike system will be connected to your student account so you will be able to reserve the bikes with your student ID as well as rent them for longer periods of time. The first hour ride will be free of charge. Another initiative is the implementation of electronic boards. These devices will replace the current wooden cork board displays in our main facilities. This system will help improve the experience of student, organization and university advertising. It will also contribute to the development of the school by allowing us to grow aesthetically with other colleges and universities that also have this technology implemented on their respective campuses. I will be revisiting the development of one of my past legislations. This legislation was tested last year in the café. “Govs Give Back” was a wonderful idea that I believe can and will be a huge part of the APSU community. For those of you that do not know, this initiative is a voucher system put in place to help feed students and is supported by the donation of meal plan swipes sent to the SOS food pantry. We as SGA representatives will be more student involved this year by personally visiting and reaching out to all student organizations so that we can hear any ideas or concerns. We hope this will create a closer relationship with our students. Our first priority in SGA is to serve as the voice of the students, but we also want to show we care. With your support we will do so. Thank you.”