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Behind the glitter and high heels, Matthew Combs aka Anna Freeze performed his last Drag Idol at APSU Friday, Feb. 12.

Every semester APSU’s Gay Straight Alliance hosts the competition for seasoned and aspiring drag queens in the area.

“I started doing drag when I was 21; now I’m 33. I’m ready for a break,” Combs said.

Combs has participated in the show as Anna Freeze for the four years that Drag Idol has been happening, but has been doing drag in various places for over 10 years.

“I first wanted to do drag because the art of transformation enticed me so much, as well as stepping into the spotlight to be an advocate for the community, lip-syncing and doing a show is only half of what drag queens do. We are the face.”

In addition to Combs’ performance, several other seasoned performers including Dixie Normus and last semester’s winner Noel Cummings participated in the event and judged the other contestants.

Combs as Anna Freeze MC’ d the event as several aspiring drag queens competed to win this year’s idol.

“If I could give advice to new queens I would say, watch out for stage fright,” Combs said. “You’re going to get nervous. I still get nervous, just make sure you look at the spotlight and the front row, because it will help you focus. YouTube tutorials also saved my life.”

After three rounds and intense judging Kylie Sparks was named the 2016 spring idol winner.

Though this is Combs’ last performance for a while at both APSU and Fusion Bar and Grill located on Riverside Drive, he said he will miss the alternative glamorous lifestyle that drag can offer.

“I love doing drag, not because I want to be a woman,” Combs said. “I love being a man, but Its always nice when you get to dress up and portray a different character. There are no limits.”

Combs said he wants to take a break so he can spend time with his husband, Jonathan Willis.