If He Had Been With Me is a young adult romance novel written by Laura Nowlin that was released April 2, 2013.

The story follows Autumn and Finn, two ex best friends that later become lovers, told through Autumn’s perspective.

Autumn and Finn were the best of friends; they were inseparable, but as the years went on, they grew apart and did what they could to ignore each other.

As we follow Autumn, she finds a group of friends and her first love interest; Jamie. Jamie and Finn become the boys everyone wants to hang out with, as we find out how Autumn truly feels about Finn.

The story is filled with love, heartbreak, joy, confusion and will bring you to tears as you read the story. 

Nowlin is amazing at getting readers hooked to the characters and their story.  

If He Had Been With Me had one of the most heartbreaking but hopeful endings I have ever read and it left me hoping to follow the characters one last time.

Fans of the book are very lucky because on Dec. 8, 2022, Nowlin announced that she will be bringing Autumn and Finn back to the pages in October 2023.

We do not know much about the story so far, but we do know that it will be told in Finn’s perspective. With high expectations from the first read it will be just as, if not more, addicting, heartbreaking and moving.