APSU’s annual Homecoming Staff Senate Chili Cook Off took place on Thursday, Oct. 25 in the University Plaza amidst the beats of modern R&B music.

7 groups participated in the competition: Del Square Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma, the Department of Political Science, Chi Omega, the Gay Straight Alliance and the ASCLS Student Forum.

Del Square Pi took a more meaty and spicy version of the dish, including jalapenos, venison, cayenne peppers, pork, beef and turkey into their version, dubbed, the “656 Nanometer Chili.” They took second place.

The Gay Straight Alliance concocted a more vegetable heavy version, but added bacon in their “Southern Smoke Chipotle Chili with Beans.”

Most of the other creations also had names given to them such as Alpha Gamma Delta’s “Not Yo Mama’s Chili;” Gamma Sigma Sigma’s champion chili “Gamma Guns Chili;” the Department of Political Science’s “Jamaican Jerk Chili with Beans.”

The ASCLS Student Forum, winner of the Showmanship award, didn’t name their chili. They served it in a fashion present and former residents of Southern Ohio would recognize as a “three-way” because it was spaghetti topped with shredded cheddar cheese. They also had chopped onions available, to create a “four-way.”

The judges of the competition were Tristan Denley, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs; Brian Johnson, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs; Jane Hatcher, Teacher Licensure for the College of Education; Loretta Bearden, Catering Director and Bob Howell, a Culinary Arts Instructor from the Fort Campbell campus.

The unofficial announcer of the event was June D. Lee, the Staff Senate President who works in the College of Graduate Studies. The Chair of the Chili Cook Off, Jasmine Jones, an administrative assistant in the college of education was also present for the proceedings.

The event was a success, student Quantez Baugus said, “It’s a good environment to try different chili. A fun event to kick off Homecoming,” said Caitlin Hutcheson, member of the Gay Straight Alliance.

“I liked being able to taste everyone’s chili. We didn’t think we’d win anything.” The GSA took home the third place award and the People’s Choice Award as well.

Winner of the competition, the best chili present according to the judges, was the Department of Political Science, with Jamaican Jerk Chili with Beans.

Kenneth Lilly | Staff Writer