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If you looked at The All State’s features section last semester, you probably remember me as the guy who drove around Clarksville every week looking for interesting things to do and new restaurants to try.

While my travels tend to focus on what goes on in Clarksville off-campus, with the school year kicking off, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce new students to all the things there are to do at APSU.

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As a self-proclaimed coffee nerd, you’ll find me at Einstein Bros. Bagels a lot. Einstein’s is in the UC next to the food court, and is open Sunday-Friday. If the cliché of a college student sitting in a coffee shop with a cappuccino and a book appeals to you, Einstein’s is your place.

If you avoid the weekday lunch rush, the shop is usually free enough to grab a booth and study or read with a good cup of coffee.

If you plan on buying Einstein’s coffee often, one of their travel mugs is a great investment. For a one-time $2.99 fee, you save almost a dollar on every cup of coffee you buy.

Einstein’s stays open until 10 p.m. on school nights and begins weekday hours at 7 a.m. There have been many days where Einstein’s coffee has both gotten me through 8 a.m. class and kept me awake during late-night study sessions.

Before moving on, I should mention the library’s Starbucks. While slightly more out of the way, it stays open until 11 p.m. on school nights. Since the library is open until 2 a.m., it’s a good, low-distraction place to stock up on caffeine for your early-morning cram sessions.

For the less coffee-inclined, I also love using APSU’s exercise resources. The campus facilities make for a good way to work out, regardless of your preferences.

You’ll find the Foy Fitness Center on Marion Street next to the football stadium. It houses a fully equipped weight room, basketball and racquetball courts and a running/walking track.

The Foy, as well as the pool and tennis courts next to it, is completely free with your APSU ID card.

I like to pay attention to the fitness classes offered at the Foy, which range from yoga to zumba to spinning classes.

Pamphlets, as well as event calendars, are available in the Foy lobby and detail events and classes throughout the coming semester. Even if you aren’t a fitness nut, Foy classes are a great way to get a workout while still enjoying yourself.

My last piece of advice to incoming freshmen: read the campus announcements that show up in your AP email. I know most of the notices don’t necessarily apply to you, but hear me out.

Every year, for the first couple months, organizations are holding events almost every day where you can find free food, T-shirts, and fun events to pass an afternoon.

Just go by the plaza outside the UC on any random day, and usually there will be something to do.

Paying attention to events like these is a great way to get out of your dorm room and meet people.
If you’re nervous about being new at APSU, don’t worry; the people running these events want people to show up. It’s the reason the events are being held in the first place.