On Oct. 27, APSU’s newest Homecoming King and Queen were crowned, and the two bestowed this highest honor were Jake Bumpus and Laquandra McGhee.

Both candidates were shocked by the outcome they received.

Bumpus and McGhee both expected someone else’s name to be called, but they both said they are so pleased that APSU Students, Faculty, and Alumni would vote for them.

“This is a great honor. [And] I am just so excited to represent Austin Peay as Homecoming King. I have loved every second of my time here and have been a part of so many different organizations and departments, so I just hope to continue to represent APSU positively to Clarksville, potential new students, and everyone else,” Senior Business Accounting major, Jake Bumpus said.

“Being the 2018 Homecoming Queen I hope to gain more experience in being a leader. I believe I have set an example for students on campus and in this role I believe I can set an example for those in the community as well,” senior and double major in social work and dance,. Laquandra McGhee said.

Though initially both of them did not expect the win, they maintained a positive outlook because being nominated for the court was enough in itself.

Bumpus said he got hyped up on the day of Homecoming by listening to “Burnin’ Up” by The Jonas Brothers.

McGhee and Bumpus both agreed that their opponents were very well-deserving also.

“My fraternity brothers were the most excited for me. I could hear their cheering and chants from the stands when I won and I was proud to represent them. I also know the ladies of Chi Omega who represented me were very excited,” Bumpus said.

His fraternity brothers played an integral role in Bumpus obtaining his title.

“I know so many of them in different ways and they all showed their support by wearing buttons and stickers and posting me on their social media pages, so I was glad I could win for them! My admissions team I have worked with this past year was also very excited for me,” Bumpus said regarding his involvement as President of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Both Bumpus and McGhee prepared for their voters in different ways:

“Many of my supporters were gained through campus interaction. During the campaign period, I took two days to give out candy and cupcakes to talk with students and allow them to get to know a little about me,” McGhee said on campaigning.

Unlike McGhee’s approach to guerrilla campaigning, Bumpus took a more traditional route with printed propaganda.

“I gained support through the traditional way by making posters, buttons, and stickers, but the main reason why I got so much support is because of the friends I’ve made on campus. I know someone in pretty much every area on campus and having them all rally to support me made a difference. I have some of the best friends I could ask for,” Bumpus said.

They both raved about how much APSU has to offer and how the school itself and getting involved on campus has helped shape their futures.

Both Bumpus and McGhee wish to leave legacies here at APSU.

McGhee mentions being remembered for her perseverance and dedication, and Bumpus mentions being remembered for making people happy,  making a difference in everyone’s lives and making each person’s day a little better by pushing them to stay positive.

McGhee encourages all underclassmen to get involved in something on campus, and she said when she started at APSU she had a vlog on YouTube dedicated to her college experiences.

Bumpus also encourages the same.

“I encourage everyone to get involved in at least one organization. Doing so lets you branch out and meet other students with the same interests, engage with faculty and staff, and gain new experiences. There are so many opportunities here that you can’t get other places, so take advantage of them,” Bumpus said.

“My family and friends were very excited and proud. They loved seeing me accomplish a goal I worked hard for,” McGhee said.

“My Mom was the most excited about my win. My boyfriend and friends could not have been happier for me and they all made that moment so special. I loved escorting my sister, Josie Bumpus, who is also in college with me on the field. My other sisters, Dad, and grandparents were also there to congratulate me,” Bumpus said.

These two candidates represent their school, their organizations, their family and their friends. But most importantly, the homecoming queen and king represent the APSU community.