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Part of APSU’s annual homecoming festivities is the AP Apollo Talent Show, presented by the Govs Programming Council.

This year the show was on Wednesday, Oct. 24, in the Red Barn. The building, which was nearly packed 45 minutes before the show started, had a crowd ready to see what the night’s 20 acts would bring to the stage.

Contestants had less than six minutes to prove their talents and see if they had what it takes to win the grand prizes of $250 and $500.

Contestants entertained with acts ranging from singing to ukulele playing to salsa dancing. Members of the crowd were supporting performers with signs, cheering, applause and T-shirts. A battle of sorority chants also took place during the event.

Once all performers were finished, the judges tallied scores while the AP Pom Squad preformed a routine. Once the top two finalists were announced, the crowd got to decide the winner by volume of applause.

When the finalists were brought on stage and the crowd began making noise, the applause was shaking the floor. Princess Andress, who sang Adele’s “Bittersweet” and had received three standing ovations throughout the night, was dubbed the first place winner.

While performing, Princess became emotional and received two standing ovations by the crowd with a third during the crowd applause.

“The song just really speaks to me and I became emotional,” Andress said. “I had no idea I would win. I just signed up for fun.”

Second place was taken by Dylan Dhaene, who played his ukulele.

“I am so surprised to win,” Dhaene said. “I feel like I made a lot of mistakes and wasn’t sure if my performance was something the crowd would like, but it feels great to know they did.”

Both performers felt they messed up, and did not have perfect performances, but managed to have fun and still took home first and second place.