Messages of unity in Kimbrough building at APSU Makayla Blevins

On Wednesday the College of Business hosted a ‘messages of unity’ event in the Kimbrough building of Austin Peay State University in honor of Black History Month.

Students could place a positive message on a sticky note in the Kimbrough lobby, where the College of Business’ mission statement is posted.

The College of Business strives to promote student success and belonging. With the focus shifted to African-American students, the messages of unity on Thursday were no exception.

The purpose of the messages of unity according to Jessica D’Alimonte, academic associate to the dean, was to “help them find where they belong, not just in black history month, but in other places too.”

Sticky notes adorned the mission statement, saying things like ‘you are strong,’ ‘we respect your place in this college,’ and ‘I am proud of you.’

D’Alimonte stated, “we are doing something to have a positive impact. You belong here. This is your home.”

College can be a difficult path to navigate for most, and often it is more than a journey of academics, but a journey of the self.

“I think it’s important for them to feel like they belong. At the minimum, it’s a four year journey. You’re working towards your future,” said D’Alimonte.