If you’re feeling lonely this time of year… you’re not alone.

Valentine’s Day can be a very depressing time of year for those of us focusing on ourselves. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to celebrate the people you love in your life… not just romance. So, if you’re celebrating Galantine’s Day this year here are some ideas on how to celebrate the holiday.

Valentine’s Day centers around love, so it is a perfect opportunity to spoil yourself.

Try going out and getting yourself some of your favorite flowers and putting them up around the house. Or maybe you want to spoil yourself with your favorite chocolates. You can even just use it as an excuse to spend some time alone – read your favorite book, do some self-care, whatever it takes to make yourself feel pampered.

“My favorite activity to do on Valentine’s Day is baking, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for baking inspiration,” said Sofia Phillips, a junior graphic design major.

Some of the treats she’s made include chocolate strawberries, pink brownies, and heart shaped cakes. Indulge in your sweet tooth and have some fun coming up with innovative festive treats this Feb. 14.

Surround yourself with people you love this Valentine’s Day. Go out of your way to schedule time for your friends and family. Write them sweet cards, plan a picnic, or sit down to watch a romcom with your best friend. Whatever it is to show your loved ones you appreciate them.

Even though Galentine’s Day is a catchy name for the holiday, it doesn’t have to be something just for the gals.

Shane McDivitt, a freshman, marketing major said, “I enjoy Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun holiday, and for me it means more sales at my job,” what better way to pamper yourself than making more money?

There’s no need to wait for someone else to shower you with love, because who knows how to treat yourself better than you do? Take initiative and spend the holiday loving the most important person in your life – yourself.