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Josh Vaughn


With construction of the new Computer Science and Mathematics building under way, APSU continues its recent developments in technology and architecture on campus.

According to a recent press release, the Maynard Mathematics and Computer Science Building, named after APSU alumnus and Montgomery County businessman James Maynard, officially broke ground on Friday, Aug. 17 and is expected to finish in Spring 2014.

Among other things, the new building will contain “the university’s data center, offices and some classrooms for the department of Mathematics and Statistics and the department of Computer Science and Information Technology,” said Bruce Myers, professor and chair of the department of Computer Science and Information Technology.

“Also three computer labs; an open computer lab, a teaching lab and a computer networking lab.”

Myers said the building will feature additional student space and wireless capabilities.

“The classrooms will have electrical plugs for laptops, and the whole building will be blanketed by wireless,” he said.

Robinson said locating the new building next to the Hemlock Semiconductor building “made perfect sense … thereby creating a well-defined STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math area, for APSU.”

Robinson said the plan was constructed from the vision and recommendations of the campus faculty and academic administration.

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